About Us

Fruition PO was set up in 2003 on the merger of five existing producer organisations but can trace its roots back to 1962 with the Home Grown Fruits Co-operative Marketing Organisation. We have an annual turnover in excess of £50 million, the majority from sales going to the upper end of the UK supermarket sector. However, we are keen to support other routes to market, maximizing the net returns back to our Member Growers.

Fruition PO is run by its members for the benefit of the members. The board meets regularly and is made up of a number of growers who work on behalf of all our growers. It has always sought the best route to market for its members’ fruit, and maintains professional management and close links to our customers and the consumer. The board is supported by the General Manager/Company Secretary -Rob King, a Programme Manager – Jackie Simmons with the accounts team of Becci Henley and Claire Blackwell. 

Fruition PO owns 50% of the Issued Share Capital of Worldwide Fruit Limited, which is the principal marketing outlet for the top fruit categories of apples and pears. Summer fruits are marketed via different Agents with routes into the main Supermarkets and Wholesale outlets.

Fruition PO works very closely with the Rural Payments Agency in meeting the strict Producer Organisation membership criteria.

Financed with the assistance of the European Community