Worcester Pearmain has been a relatively popular apple from the start, and is grown by some of our growers. The apples come into season a few weeks after Discovery, and it is relatively easy to find for a short period in mid-September in supermarkets and farmers’ markets. 

Worcester Pearmain’s main claim to fame is the strawberry flavour, although the intensity of this is quite variable. As with any early variety, the flavour is very dependent on the weather during the short period that the apples ripen.

The parentage of Worcester Pearmain is unknown but a likely candidate is Devonshire Quarrenden – which also has the strawberry flavour. 

Although it cannot be regarded as being in the first rank of apple varieties, Worcester Pearmain has been used as the basis for a surprisingly large number of breeding programmes. The early ripening period and the strawberry flavour are the main reasons for this, with growers hoping to introduce this dimension into new varieties. The intense red/crimson flush is another commercially valuable characteristic.

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